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Christianity (ICQ)

About Christianity (ICQ):

Christianity hosted by ICQ is a very curious christian chat room. The owners of the room, are ICQ itself, and this fact leaves the room itself heavily under moderated. For this reason of under moderation, this room is not for the faint of heart, but don't let the trolls and haters ruin it for you, there are plenty of high-minded, calm, reasonable and normal people who frequent here, so if your skin is as thick as the skulls of these trolls, do go in for some patience-building opportunities and some faith-building chatter.

Additional information: Unfortunately you do need to register (which is free) to be able to actually type in the room, but you are free to view the chat without registration.

If you would like to connect to Christianity (ICQ) via an IRC client, point your client to: port:6667 and join ¦christianity

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