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Christians (IrcStorm)

About Christians (IrcStorm):

The Christians room on the IrcStorm server is ran by JesusChatRoom. It is a cosy little community always full of light yet uplifting chatter. The room is rarely booming, yet despite this fact, it is always welcoming, full of friendly welcomers. This welcoming and cosy feature makes it a very idea room to chat on.

Here are some tags and keywords from their site, to describe what they are all about: Bless, Canada, Christianity, Church, Community, Connections, Courage, Fellowship, Focus, Future, Future of Christianity, God, Internet, Israel, Networking, Online, Peace, Present, Social, UN, United Nations, Wisdom.

If you would like to connect to Christians (IrcStorm) via an IRC client, point your client to: port:6667 and join ¦christians

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