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About JROI:

Jesus Rocks On Irc (JROI) is both an IRC server (, and a Christian Chat room (¦jroi). It was started in 2005 by two really nice guys, one left in 2006 and one remained until present day. The current owner is Gadfire, a pretty awesome guy who knows an amazing amount about all-things-technical. Chatting with him face-to-face, you'd never guess he is a big nerd, but he is!

JROI is currently a hub of free Christian Chat rooms which serves as a base of fellowship for believers, and a place of outreach for non-believers.

Here is an exerpt from the JROI site: Our Free Christian Chat Rooms are online 24/7 and monitored for your safety and enjoyment. There is no registration required, nothing to activate, not even the need to register, simply join the chat rooms and begin chatting. We have chat for teens, 20+, 30 and over, Older people, we have a chat room for everyone. A friendly staff is online 24/7 to help you in any way that they can and to continue to keep your chat experience a most pleasant one. Feel free to invite your friends to join you today in free christian chat rooms brought to you by JesusRocksOnIrc, providing fine christian chat since 2005.

If you would like to connect to JROI via an IRC client, point your client to: port:6667 and join #jroi

We are a collection of free Christian Chat rooms. Every week the most active room in our database gets selected to be on the main page.